I’m from Seoul, a big city in South Korea.  I came here for a trip and fell in love with New Zealand.  When I went home I told my Mum and Dad that I wanted to come here and study.  Mum said it was too dangerous, that I was just a little girl.

I came back to New Zealand by myself and stayed near Auckland.  Then I went back to Korea and started high school, but I still wanted to come back to New Zealand.  Mum said I could come after I had finished university, but when I was fifteen, she said I could come now.  My cousin stayed with the McGoverns and came to this school, so that’s why I came to Huntly.  New Zealand is my second home.

The school system is very different.  In Korea we have to study and take tests in twelve subjects.  Here school is less formal, more relaxed and fun.  People have more choice of what to study.  The Maori people are very good to me; friendly and fun.

New Zealand is much bigger, with not so many people.  You can get away and be alone here, but not in Korea – there are people everywhere!

I am going to stay here.  I have to graduate from University in Art, Architecture or Interior Design, get a job and then I can apply for New Zealand residency.