Jorge Kang introducing HC

Living in a busy country like Korea was a boring and hard life for me. I wanted to do something that would actually interest me which was an impossible thing to do over where I’m from. Coming to New Zealand was a big deal for me. I had an experience of living in New Zealand when I was young, but studying here for a few years and staying away from my family was a huge decision to make. But I really wanted to come back to New Zealand and find a career that I would want. My sister has gone through Huntly College before University so I chose to come to Huntly College.

It was very different and refreshing for me at first. Running around on a green grass field and learning Math in English… I have to say it was hard. But help was everywhere. I think that is the best part of this school. Because there are not many students, teachers are more willing to help us to have a brighter future. By using these opportunities, the benefit that I could get was massive. I could do one University paper during Year 13 thanks to our Deputy Principal, Mrs Curle. I learned guitar for 2 years even though I didn’t take music. I played as No.5 in the school Rugby team. I slept in a Marae when I went on Snow Camp. Things that I wouldn’t even imagine back in Korea, was actually happening to me. I think living in Huntly and attending Huntly College is the best to feel the real culture of New Zealand. I made lots of Maori and Kiwi friends, but no Korean friends. I guess it was the best college life that I could ever experience anywhere in New Zealand. I think going to a New Zealand school that has 300 Korean kids, is a waste of time and money. You would never experience such things like going Duck shooting, Turkey hunting, Eeling with your friends, driving to a beach on weekends, and so on.

My plan for after college is to graduate from University of Auckland in Engineering and probably get a job in New Zealand. Studying abroad in New Zealand was a life changing experience for me. I have never regretted that I came to Huntly, New Zealand, and I wish lots of other overseas students will get an opportunity to experience a true kiwi life in Huntly College.