Isis shares her NZ Story

I came to Huntly College in July 2015, not knowing what my exchange year in New Zealand would be like. Now, a year later, I will go back home to Germany, and I can look back at my experience. The thing is, I am not really going home. “Home” both describes New Zealand and Germany for me now. I now feel at home in a country where I didn’t know a single person when I first got here, and where people speak a different language to the one I have communicated in all my life. And Huntly College is one of the most important things that made me feel at home here.

On my very first day here, when I was still nervous and hardly said a word, everyone was friendly and looked after me, both students and teachers. They made me feel welcome at Huntly College, and in New Zealand, right away. I looked forward to going to school every day because I enjoyed all aspects of being a student at Huntly College.

There were plenty of academic opportunities for me. I took Digital Technology for the first time in my life, and could continue to study Spanish by correspondence. The teachers supported me and helped me achieve both NCEA Level 1 and 2, always answering my questions and providing me with additional work.

What I liked even more about Huntly College were the things outside the regular schooling. There was always so much going on and it was completely different to what I was used to at my school in Germany.

In August 2015, I went to my very first Ball. My school in Germany doesn’t have a Ball until the end of Year 13, so it was really special to attend the Huntly College Ball. I had a great evening and am so fortunate to have had this experience.

The extracurricular activity I enjoyed most was playing Hockey. I didn’t do any sports back in Germany, so I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Everyone was having fun and it was not all about winning. I absolutely loved my Hockey Team and am sad to be leaving before the season is over.

Thank you to everyone at Huntly College for making my year the amazing experience it was.

You made New Zealand my home away from home.

(Written by Isis Reul - Germany)