Se Young

Coming to New Zealand to help me learn English was my uncle’s idea.  He lives in Auckland and he knows Huntly College.  My sister came to New Zealand before me.  I will probably be here three years.

When I heard I was coming, I was really nervous - I can’t speak English very well.  I still find English hard.  At first I couldn’t sleep at night, because of the time difference.

I like the New Zealand environment, especially the rainbow – we don’t have that in Korea.  I like the food here – all of it! – but sometimes I miss Korean food.  New Zealand holidays are good.  In Korea we have only two a year, with school some Saturdays.  Sometimes I want to come to school on Saturday here – I like school.  I specially enjoyed the trip to Waitangi, learning about Maori culture and science.

New Zealand people are so kind.  If I don’t know them, they always say hello.  I can have friends of different ages here.  In Korea, I would only be allowed to have friends in the same year as me.  People ask me how to say things in Korean.  I like that, but I don’t like it when they ask me how to swear in Korean!

I really enjoy Huntly College.  Thanks everyone!