In June this year, elections for School Board of Trustees take place. The Huntly College Board is made up of 5 parent trustees, our Principal, one staff Trustee and one student Trustee. Every 3 years these parent trustee positions are filled by election. Huntly College needs trustees who are focused on supporting teaching and learning and the ongoing improvement of student achievement.

Parents, Caregivers and people in the wider community can be school trustees. School Boards need to represent the diversity of their school communities to ensure a bright future for all our children. Trustees are active leaders in our schools and have an important role of supporting strong professional leadership. The trustee elections give you the opportunity to vote for candidates who will make a positive difference for our students’ education. We need trustees willing to use their skills and experiences for the benefit of students.

For further information on the Trustee role please visit

Nomination forms have been sent out via post with accompanying information regarding the nomination and election process.